ToddScot   Kelburn Castle Grounds, Scotland July 6th - 10th 2018

Join 200 or so UK and Euro Todd Fans along with Todd and special guests at Kelburn Castle Scotland 

"One night at Full Moon Resort a Gentleman asked to to dance to the rockin music of a Todd Fan Band. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.... I’d never encountered a Scot before! That dance led to a wonderful friendship and NOW to your Birthday Party Producer, Peter Brabz. Thanks to him, 200 of us will be looking for the Loch Ness Monster and jamming just past the Scottish Highlands, and singing Happy 70th Birthday to Todd. I have no idea if Bagpipes will accompany.“
Michele Rundgren

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION at ToddScot Scotland is June 15

This party is shaping up to be an intimate, wild ride.  Join Todd and 120 friends exclusively on 3,500 acres surrounding a 14th Century castle.  Guests are planning some great jams and activities in addition to a concert by Todd and the entire band on the final night.  Bring back the Full Moon days!  Make sure to get a ticket for the Kasim concert in Glasgow July 10.


Find info and register by filing in the form below or email  



Castle Room / Yurt - add to payment as per your reservation.

Please make payment in US dollars, by Paypal, to and add 3% paypal fee.

If necessary, mail a check (US based only) to: Michele Rundgren, Box 223088, Princeville, HI, 96722


Price will include 2-course dinner each night, private access to the huge fantasy-like grounds, fan-grown whacky activities, lots of jamming, hanging out with Todd and the band all week (Kasim, Jesse, Prairie and Greg), finale concert by the band on the last night.


Add-on options will include camping and breakfast.  Off-site accommodations would be on your own (see list of hotels on this site).

Please send a check or money order (If US funds), made payable to Michele Rundgren, to:  Michele Rundgren, PO Box 223088, Princeville, HI  96722.  Alternately and if you are paying from non US bank, you can use PayPal, but please add 4% if you’re drawing from a bank account or 5% if you’re using a credit card.  The sale will read Alchemedia on your paypal statement.

For Toddstockers in the U.K., please send a cheque or money order to:

Peter Brabender
Roslyn Cottage
Garelochhead, Helensburgh
Scotland, UK  G84 0AB


Please make it payable to Peter Brabender, as well.



The PayPal address is: .  Send to

Check out the grounds guide here:



Air:  Fly to Glasgow


Glasgow Airport to Glasgow Central Train Station:


Local Airporter Bus:  Take the Airport express directly to the train station.  Get off at Hope Street  (Train Station).  The bus costs £8 per person, so double up and take a taxi if you can.


Taxi:  a Taxi directly from the Airport into Glasgow Centeral costs on average £16/17.  If two people were traveling together this would work out cheaper than the bus, and would also take you directly to the train station


From Train Station:  From Central Glasgow Station, take the train to Largs.  Once you arrive, a short taxi ride will bring you to hotels and the event site.

Drive:  See Map below

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