Aloha Utopians!


Todd is turning 70 in June and has decided to spend it with 500 or so wild and crazy Utopians. We’re hoping to recreate a bit of the amazing experience we had at the first Toddstock, on Kauai, where we all came together to  
CO-CREATE a memorable “Hana Ho’ Ohiwahiwa”(celebration to honor an individual). So, you are herby invited to celebrate with us.  Space is limited so please, make your reservations soon. 



Remember, it’s an invitation to an ever forming party. Please, be patient and kind.

ALOHA, Michele



We are very excited to welcome you to the preliminary registration process for ToddStock East, in Big Island, Virginia, (also known as Sedalia or Bedford County) from

Sunday, June 17 – Saturday, June 23, 2018.


The Sedalia Center  is Located in Beautiful Bedford County, Virginia is conveniently situated between Roanoke, Lynchburg, Smith Mountain Lake and Lexington.  Sheltered beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains, the campus spreads across 17 acres of sunny green lawns and wildflower meadows.  


The Birthday Celebration includes access to site facilities, special events and activities, local day & evening shuttles, airport shuttles (where possible) from Roanoke (ROA) and meals from dinner Sunday to brunch Saturday. Lodging is a separate cost, depending on your option.  Birthday celebration includes … a concert by Secret Society.
We will need lots of volunteers to pull this off, so please be ready to sign up!


There will be a full band concert on June 22, Todd’s birthday, the final night of camp.


Due to space limitations, there will be a finite number of campers, so extra non-fan family and friends that you invite could leave a dedicated fan disappointed.


This is an adult event with situations not suitable for children.  Dogs are permitted, under control, on the Farm side.

Todd has enjoyed several Burning Man events in the CA desert. With the recent loss of Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey we hope you will keep his ideals in mind for ToddStock 7.0.


"There is no firm consensus on whether this is a performance art, a music festival, a construction project or just an excuse to party in the middle of the mountains of Virginia. Is it a weeklong Utopian carnival,  a fringe culture fest, a full-scale countercultural Declaration of Independence, or just a vacation spent with like minded people?”



This is a non profit event and we have kept the total cost as low as possible.

Todd knows exactly what presents he wants, too. He doesn’t want any physical gifts. He would love people to donate to a fund, for fans who positively contribute to our Utopian community, who may not be able to afford Toddstock 2018 USA. More information will be created for this gift site.   Go to the Aloha link on the main page to contribute to this fund.

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