Q & A’s (Well, maybe just A’s)


Vegan, vegetarian diets & allergies and physical access challenges can be accommodated (as much as possible) if you advise us by way of the “Hello It’s You” survey (see bottom of page for survey info)


Dining is outdoor under a large tent.  Brunch, dinner and late night snacks.


Expert mixologists and funky specialty bars will tickle anyone’s fancy.


Event starts after lunch Sunday June 17, and ends after brunch on Saturday June 23.  If you arrive a night early or leave a night late, we will put you to work.


Lynchburg, and other small airport arrivals, may be assisted with transportation if necessary.


Driving times to event site:  Bedford – 20 minutes; Roanoke Airport – 60 minutes; Natural Bridge 45 minutes.  These three spots form a triangle.  Roanoke Airport to Bedford is 40 minutes.  Try google map for best answer.


The Day shuttle schedules and routes are not set in stone.  We expect a standard route with convenient stops, and hope that we can adjust and accommodate everyone.  There will be a shuttle to The Natural Bridge hotel, but it may be less frequent.


There will be opportunities for anyone (eg. On-site campers) to hop on the shuttle for a trip to town.


No campfires or open camp stoves at your camp sites.  There will be designated bonfire areas.


Campers may be able to drive fairly close to your camp site for loading and unloading, providing it’s not too busy.  There will be helpers and carts.  Cars will then move to a nearby, secure, parking area.


There is ample parking for everyone at the farm.


We will have some form of security travelling around the site, at the gate, and watching equipment.  


There will be many activities orchestrated by fans, and many jams, concerts, surprises and workshops being planned.  We will provide a schedule for the “not to be missed” items, and there will be announcements about other activities as they occur.  Check the Toddstock Forum for a crazy array of activities fans are already planning.


Tubing trips down the James River are being organized for Tuesday and/or Wednesday.  Todd’s in, are you?  $30 includes transportation, tube and life jacket.  No alcohol.  Spend about 1 ½ hrs on the river.  Allow 4 hrs for total trip.  Sign up and pay cash at Toddstock . 

For more info, go to: Tubing Link




NOW, we still have questions for YOU.  All registered guests should be receiving a series of surveys to complete, giving us information to assist with planning.  Please help us to help you, by completing surveys when you get them.  We’re not perfect.  You may get a reminder accidentally, or you may not get all of them.  You may get something twice, but it will tell you if you’ve already completed it.  We’ve listed the surveys below and ask that you contact mailto:toddstocksurveys@gmail.com if you notice one you didn’t receive.


Please note, we would like a survey from everyone, but can only receive a survey from one email address.  If you share an email, either create a new gmail account, or make sure you add info to the comments about your partner.  Also, please check to see if you have opted out of surveymonkey.com and at least temporarily enable surveys.



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