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Check out the Camp Navarro website to get an idea of the location and amenities, but PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT CAMP NAVARRO FOR INFORMATION!     




Costs:  Similar to Toddstock  Virginia, we hope to keep registration at or below $1,000/person. This will cover attending the event, two meals each day (only one meal on arrival and departure days,) a concert with Todd and his full band, and other activities that will take place at the site. Camping in a tent is included in the registration fee. If you choose to stay in a cabin, teepee, Adirondack, RV, or off-site, there will be additional costs, but they should be very reasonable. Airport shuttles and day trips will also be an extra cost. We will update people on costs when we have more information, hopefully by late July.



Lodging:  Camp Navarro has cabins, Adirondacks, teepee tents, RV spots and camping. None of these options have private bathrooms; however, there are bathhouses with toilets, sinks, and showers. We will update you with approximate lodging costs and registration costs when we have that information. You can investigate lodging in nearby towns, and we will list suggestions later.

Meals:  Camp Navarro will provide two meals each day; :  brunch and dinner. There will only be one meal on arrival and departure days. Details on snacks and lunch are still in the works. You are welcome to bring your own food, but kitchen facilities for cooking will not be available, and camp stoves are not allowed.

Transportation:  Do not book airline tickets until you receive your registration confirmation. While we will not provide airport shuttle service, we will investigate group shuttle options from San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento. We will also post a carpooling site. You will need your own transportation if you stay off-site.


Accessibility:  There are a few accessible cabins and bathhouses, and the lodge is accessible. However, this is a rustic setting with mostly dirt trails.

Activities:  The grounds are beautiful! There is a lovely redwood grove, outdoor amphitheater, a large, grassy area, and other beautiful spaces. We’re planning concerts, arts and crafts projects, dancing, and general craziness!  The possibilities are endless!


Phone and WiFi Access:  There is no cell phone reception at Camp Navarro, however, there is robust WiFi service.


Pets:  Sorry, no pets are allowed at Camp Navarro.


Campfires:  No campfires are allowed, other than the group campfire.


For further information, please write to toddstockwest@gmail.com 

Please send a check or money order, made payable to Michele Rundgren, to:  Michele Rundgren, PO Box 223088, Princeville, HI  96722.  Alternately, you can use PayPal, but please add 4% if you’re drawing from a bank account or 5% if you’re using a credit card.  The sale will read Alchemedia on your paypal statement.

The PayPal address is:  https://www.paypal.com/businessexp/money .  Send to michelerundgren@yahoo.com.

Please donate to our Aloha Scholarship Fund, so that worthy Todd fans will be able to experience their dream of attending Toddstock!  This is what Todd has requested as his birthday present, so please help to make Todd’s birthday especially spectacular!  The GoFundMe button is located on the home page of this website.

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